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Golden Era started out as a mixtape in  March 9th 2017. At the time I was going through a frustrating phase because I felt like nobody understood my vision. I didnt know anybody who would shoot my music videos for a reasonable price and couldnt afford to buy a camera to learn the technology myself. At that point it almost felt like I would never make it as an artist. So one day I was lurking in this lowkey comicbook/hobby shop around the way with my gf at the time, flipping through all these magazines that I used to read in middle school & BOOM it hit me! ..What if I started drawing again? maybe my ideas would become a little more clear for people to see.. So I began drawing shit here and there, then decided to fulfill my 8 year old fantasy by finally releasing that comicbook I've always wanted to make. So here we are in 2020, last year I've taken that dramatic leap of faith and started to release what I've been working on in private. I'm not really sure where this will end up but I love doing this shit & it's cool to know that there are some people out there that do appreciate my work. To all the kids reading this be honest with yourselves & do what you love. Try not to think so hard about becoming something that everyone will like; just be & you'll figure it out 

 - chickenwingredrice®


''madness is genius''



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